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Clark Repro Fuel Pump

Initial testing is complete and pumps are being produced! Expected in stock Winter 2024.


We will receive 3 pre-production samples and will do final testing before full production begins. Larry Claypool has agreed to also test one & give his evaluation. Although we are testing and evaluating these based on 50 years of experience, nothing will be the same as years of real life usage. Our pumps will come with a 2 year guarantee. For use in Corvair cars and FC's. 

Update October 2023: We have continued testing the sample fuel pumps and identified a couple improvements that need to be made. We are working with the factory on these improvements. We are committed to producing the best pump possible and testing as much as possible. This has caused some delays in the pumps being available, but we feel it is worth the wait to avoid problems. 


Reproduction 60-64 Brake Drums IN STOCK!

All four different early car brake drums have now been reproduced! We now offer brand new 60-63 front and rear drums and 64 front and rear drums. Standard inside diameter to match the new brake shoes. No more grinding shoes to match turned drums! Made as close to original drums as possible. For more information see this page in the Supplement. 

Additionally all four drums are on sale at $5.00 off the list price in the Supplement! Prices on the website have already been adjusted to reflect this. Sale runs until July 16th, 2024 

60-63 Front C5132      60-63 Rear C5133      1964 Front C5134      1964 Rear C5135

Cord 8/10 Control Arm Bolts

These bolts are for the bushings at the ends of the Cord 8/10 upper A-arms. Does not fit regular Corvair. 


Premium Headlight Plug

We now have a premium option for the plug that connects to the headlight bulbs. Similar to the regular C3685 but higher quality. Includes a few inches of wire for splicing into the harness. Can be used for high beam or low beam. Remove one wire for high beam bulbs. 


61-65 FC Window Bottom Sash Seal

This piece holds glass in the sash & helps deflect water. Used for front and side door windows. Rampsides and panel vans use 2, 6 door vans use 4 & 8 door vans use 6. Old ones are usually brittle and broken. Very close repro, not exact but work. 


61-63 FC Lower Shifter Boot

This boot goes over the end of the shifter lever where it connects to the shifter tube on 61-63 vans and trucks. Keeps grease in and dirt and water out. Part #18 on Main Catalog page 116. Some 63 FC's had the later style floor shifter which this does not fit. 


Steering Box Adapters

Steering box adapters are now available for installing aftermarket steering boxes in 1964 and 1965 Corvairs. The C9208R kit is used in early 65 telescoping steering columns. the C9210R kit is for 64 Corvairs with the full length steering shaft and the C9221R is for 65 corvairs with the "long shaft" full lenth steering shafts. C9210R and C9221R involve cutting the steering shaft to install the adapter. These adapters allow you to install the C13375 aftermarket steering boxes, 60-63 and 67-69 original steering boxes and aftermarket fast-ratio steering boxes into any 64 or 65 Corvair. Instructions are included with the kits. Steering box identification information is listed on this page in the Technical Section of our online catalog.  

1965 Telescoping Column Adapter Kit C9208R

1964 Long Shaft Adapter Kit C9210R

1965 Long Shaft Adapter Kit C9221R

Early Corvair Coupe Decals

These decals are approximately 4 inches long and adhesive backed. Available in blue or red. 

Blue    C9404

Red     C9405

Template for A/C Pipe Shield

This template is used to fabricate a replacement for the sheet metal shield used under 62-64 Corvairs to protect the A/C pipes. 

Download larger image here (Right click image and save to your device)

Order printed copy C7190

60-64 Directional Switch Connecter

This is the plastic connecter for the dash harness that plugs into the directional switch on the steering column. Works for 60-64 cars and 61-63 FC's. 


Push Rod Tube Removal and Installation Tool

This new tool from Blue Chip Machine makes removing and installing push rod tubes much easier. The tool slides inside the tube and tightens in place so the slide hammer part can pull the tube out. Machined flats on the tool allow a wrench to turn the tool and tube to break loose a stuck tube. Check out our video demostration on YouTube.


Axle Yoke Puller

This tool removes the U-joint yoke from the ends of early axle shafts and from the 65 and 66-69 rear wheel bearing units. Includes hardware for attaching to any yoke and instructions. 


Original A/C Hose Clamps

If you have an original A/C car you may need these hose clamps. The C1723D clips on to the condenser in the engine compartment and the C1723G bolts to the rear suspension next to the transmission mount. 

61-65 Condenser Clip    C1723D

61-64 Suspension Clip    C1723G

Late Corvair Coupe Decal

Decal of a late model Corvair coupe. Approximately 5 inches wide. Available in red, blue and yellow. 

Red C1723R

Blue C1723B

Yellow C1723Y 

Heater Motor Connecter

61-64 Cars and 61-65 FC heater motors original had a round stud terminal. Original and repro harness come with a connecter to plug into the round stud on the motor. New heater motors have a flat spade connecter. This new plug kit allows you to snip the old connecter off the harness and install a new flat spade connecter and rubber boot to connect to a new heater motor. Instructions included. We also carry an adapter harness that plugs into the main harness and adapts the connecters. 

New connecter kit C2276A

Adapter wire C3954 

NEW Engine Compartment Latch Springs

These springs return the latch handles to the closed position when you let go. Often rusty or broken. Exact replacements with original black oxide coating. 

60-64 Cars (Exc. Wagon) Engine Lid Latch Spring C3048

61-62 Wagon and 61-63 FC Engine Access Door Latch Spring C3049

NEW Tachometer Repair Kits

This kit replaces the internal parts of the Spyder or Corsa tachometer with modern components to bring the tach back to life. Assembly is very easy and when you are done you will have a more reliable and more accurate tachometer. The original face plate is reused so appearance is very close to stock. The new needle is a little shorter but the original needle could be adapted to the new needle for a completely stock appearance. No modification to original parts so tach can be restored to original if needed. Higher accuracy across all RPM’s and no calibration needed. Gauge self-tests at startup. After the unit has been in use for a little while the tachometer also starts to display the dwell setting from the last time it was running. During the startup self-test, as the needle sweeps back to zero, it will stop for a second pointing at the number for the last recorded dwell. Very handy for keeping an eye on the health of the points. Developed by Vairtrix, creator of the thermistor replacement kits. 

62-64 Spyder C6663R

65-66 Corsa C7193R

Horn Contact Kit

We are now offering a new horn contact kit that fits most Corvairs. Includes the spring plate, insulator ring and insulator plate. The insulator plate is the same as C3874 which has not been available new for a long time. This kit should fit 60-66 except telescoping columns and some 67-69 cars as well. 


NEW Corvair Puzzle

1000 piece puzzle featuring a collage of several Corvairs of various models. 19" X 26" 


NEW Exact Repro FC Idler Arm

We now have an exact reproduction for the FC steering idler arm. Previous replacements were not original looking and needed spacers to fit correctly. These NEW idler arms are made exactly like the original except now there is a grease fitting at both pivot points. Castle nut, cotter pin and both grease fittings included. 

Exact Repro Idler Arm C1613 

Bolts for attaching to the body C6856 

Old $ Saver Replacement C1614 

AC Foil Decal

This is NOT original/correct for Corvair. Model # & charge are wrong & print is different, but with a quick look it is better than nothing. Late 1963-1966?


BACK IN STOCK! 60-61 Door Jamb Switches

These switches have been out of stock for some time but they are available again. These fit 60-61 700's and Monzas and possibly some 62-63 cars. These have 5/16-18 coarse threads. Most 62-69 are 3/8-24 fine thread (C2191)

C2191X     $12.85

Brass Plug for Gas Heater Connection

1960 gas tanks & all FC gas tanks. Plugs hole where gas heater line would connect if you have hot air heater. Comes with new tanks. Also comes with C7228 aluminum oil pan to plug sensor hole if no sensors are used. 


65-69 Rear Seat Heater Outlet Screws

These replacement screws hold the grill on the heater outlet under the rear seat. Head is slightly different than original but close. Set of two. 


BACK IN STOCK! Turbo Advance/Retard Combination

The C7877 62-66 Turbo distributor Vacuum Advance and Pressure Retard unit is finally back in stock! These units act like a vacuum advance until the turbo starts to produce boost pressure and then it acts like a pressure retard. 

New Repro Dipsticks

Exact reproduction dipsticks for 65-69 cars and 65-66 Corsa. These fit all years except wagons and FC's but are original looking for 65-69 or 65-66 Corsa. The only non-original part is the Corsa dipsticks originally had an orange rubber tip on the handle, ours has a black rubber tip. 

65-69              C4252P

65-66 Corsa     C4252C

Engine Compartment Insulation-1960-61 Coupes & 60-64 4 Doors

These replace the black plastic covered fiberglass insulation visible in the engine compartment. Our black plastic is about 30% thicker and is glued to the insulation, ready to install. They look identical to the original including the wrinkles & can be rolled for shipping with no harm. The 4 door version used plastic retainers. We have ones that are close but you must slightly enlarge the five 3/8” holes with a 25/64” drill, insert blunt punch into clip and hit to install.

1960-61 Coupes (2 pieces)    C13426    $32.15    2 lb.

1960-64 4 Doors (1 piece)    C13427    $33.50    2 lb.

Set of 5 Black Plastic Retainers    C13425    $4.95    4 oz


With 50-75 rolls of carpet in inventory, they sometimes get misplaced or the next batch of colors doesn’t match exactly. First quality material except for seconds below.  You may order any of these colors for any of the Clark cut & sewn carpets on page 280.

HOW TO ORDER- On website select the carpet you need and choose color XXX in the drop-down menu, then put the limited color code in the comments box at checkout.  On the phone or mail in, just give us the limited code with the carpet part number.

SAMPLES- Color samples are shown below or add the color code to SAMCP-__ (EX: SAMCP-XM)  to order a real sample. NO RETURNS due to color, please see a sample. Colors look brighter on website than they are.

MISC ITEMS- For carpet to cover kick panels, seat backs, carpet mats or other carpet items, request the item by part # in comments at checkout and give the color code.


PRICES- All prices will be the “base” price. No extra charge for 80/20 or cut pile or tuxedo. Example: C7062 gives the “base” price, C7062A (Cut Pile Black) or C7062BT (80/20 Blue) are a little more. 


LIMITED COLORS- (For samples-add these codes to end of SAMCP-)

Deep Red (Cut Pile)       XM           Gold/Saddle (Loop)    XF

Blue/Aqua (80/20)          XA           Light Blue Tuxedo      XC

Dark Navy Blue (Loop)    XH           Silver/Green Tuxedo  XT


2ND TUXEDO- NOTE!! - I believe these were factory reject rolls purchased in 1974. They are the original “small” loop style from 1960/61 but were considered 2nds due to even smaller loops & some “skipped” loops. You  can see the backing in areas. Nice colors but “thin”. You may or may not notice in car but not for concours.

You must see sample- Sample will be at least 3” X 3”.

Aqua/Blue Tuxedo:         XE  Sample= SAMCP-XE

Olive Green Tuxedo:       XD  Sample=SAMCP-XD

NEW 1960 Long Fuel Lines

Pre-bent line from tank back to engine compartment.  C11239

Pre-bent gas heater feed line from engine shroud to front "T" near gas tank C12552F

Reproduction Engine Oil Filler Cap IN STOCK

New reproduction oil filler caps for 60-69 cars. Does not have the dipstick for FC's and wagons. Very original looking.


Early A/C Grommet

Where steel tube comes out of the evaporator case.

Notes: 1/4” shorter, they used clay sealer at the factory & you will need to also.

Not exact but better than brittle, broken original.


NEW Corvair Night Lights

Approximately 4” x 2 1/2”, automatic LED light base, very bright, .5W. Image just slides onto light unit.

Cal's Rampside Night Light C6715


Your car on a night light? We need photos of different models! Early 2 & 4 door, Early Convertible, Wagon, Van, and Late Coupe, 4 door & Convertible photos needed. if we choose your car we’ll send you a free night light featuring your car! By sending your photo you agree for us to sell this likeness on night lights. Medium to dark colors work best, side or side/front views. Send quality photo to clarks@corvair.com

1960 Carb Base Gasket

Early 1960 cars used an aluminum spacer under the carbs instead of the plastic ones used on later Corvairs. We have found that C12A works better with the aluminum spacer than our other gaskets.

2 needed per side    C12A

All New Reproduction Gas Caps Now In Stock!

More original looking than ever. See the Supplement catalog for more details.

1960= C4529

61-64 Cars= C446A

61-65 FC (Primed, Ready For Paint)= C1012P

65-69 Cars= C447B

NEW Wagon Windshields In Stock!

New reproductions. Very limited quantities.

Clear: C4365 $515.90

Tinted: C4366T $534.95

1960 Engine Compartment Grommet

PG tube & modulator line through shroud. Not exact repro but excellent.

C7364E    2 oz.

NEW 1960-Specific Vacuum Hoses

Complete Vacuum Hose Kit. All 8 hoses used in the engine compartment, including Powerglide modulator line. Cars with manual transmissions will have a couple extra hoses. C5855 $9.90


Carb Balance Tube Hoses. 1960 engines used a much larger balance tube. These hoses connect the tube to the head at the base of each carb. Sold as a pair. Included in C5855 C841E $5.80


Modulator Line Hoses. The hoses for the 1960 Powerglide modulator line are a little different. Included in C5855 C3358E $3.75

1960-6? Coupe Roll Down 1/4 Window Foam

Some years used a foam cushion over the window crank, behind the 1/4 panel-different from ones used on front door.

C4236E    2 oz.


If your speedometer face is rusty or peeling you may want to consider these stick on decals. Not the same as factory but the best option now. Corsa requires trimming around odometer openings.


1965-66 Corsa     C13424     $49.00 


1960-64 all cars (except Spyder, not for FC)     C13423    $49.00


Replace those corroded, rounded Phillips heads

1960-69 Door Latch Screws. Set of 6 does both sides C3123 1960-62 Striker Screws. Set of 3 for 1 side. #4 Phillips head stainless screws with cone lock washers C2195E

1963-64 Striker Screws. Set of 3 for 1 side. #4 Phillips head zinc plated screws. C2195

1960 Special Rear Brake Cylinder Screws

Set of 2 screws and lock washers for 1 wheel cylinder. C2110E $3.45

Check your Brakes!

If you do not know how old your brake shoes are, you should inspect them carefully for bonding separation from the steel or cracks as in this photo

1960 Rear Suspension Only

Diagram just shows one side, left & right are mirror images.


1- Rubber cushion - 4 needed    C4747    6 oz.

2- Bolt - 2 needed    C4759    6 oz.

3- Bolts, lock washers & thick washers (1/16” thinner than originals) - Set of 5    C1010    8 oz.

4- Top rubber cushion - These are slightly shorter than the originals, work ok but use your originals if they happen to be in good shape - 2 needed    C733D    8 oz.

5- Steel sleeve - 2 needed    C4749    6 oz.

6- Rubber cushion - 2 needed    C733C    6 oz.

7- Bolt, lock washer & washer - 2 needed    C3545    4 oz.

Clarks Corvair Parts New Facebook Page!

Check out the new Clarks Facebook page! We will post updates on new parts and events here in addition to our regular updates on our website and to our email mailing list. Remember to click the follow button for daily updates and newly available products and current sales.  Please continue to direct all questions or comments to our phone number (413) 625-9776 or our email address clarks@corvair.com

60-64 Brake Anchor Pin Locking Tab

When bending over the locking washer (C7290) for the top brake pivot bolt on 1960-64 cars, DO NOT bend it such that the tab is on top like this photo, it can rub inside your brake drum


1964 Tail and Backup Lens Trim Ring

Aftermarket trim rings. Nice but not as perfect as our repro C216R.


CX216R    1-3 - $8.25/ea.    4+ - $7.75/ea.


In Sept. 2022 we realized with a few modifications (that we make) the 1962-64 Convt door sills are about 99% original in a 1960 as opposed to the 61-64 coupe door sills we were selling for the 1960 coupes & 4dr. We wish we had noticed this sooner. The Convt sills are better as they do not have the heater recess needed for 61-64 coupes. Please use these new part numbers.

1960 Coupe Door sill pair    C7709E   $139.00    5 lb      (in stock 10/10/22)

Also order (2) sets of the Body by Fisher C7366RE and (2) sets of screws C1218AE


1960 4 dr door sill set of 4 pieces    C13136E    $308.00    5 lb  (available Mid Nov 2022)

Also order (4) sets of the Body by Fisher C7366RE and (4) sets of screws C1218AE


For more info see catalog pg. 298

Trim Clips (Plastic) for 1960-64 Body Belt Line Trim.

These are not exact repros but work fine. The originals had a foam seal around the protrusion, you could substitute clay or body caulking.


1960-63 had 2 sizes, the difference is the width of the part that pushes into the body. The width of the main body is approx.  11/16”

Shorter clip (projection approx. 5/16”)    C6647    1 oz

Wider clip (projection approx. 1/2“)    C6648    1 oz


1964-not sure if 2 protrusion sizes were used-the width of the main body is approx. 13/16”

1964 clip (projection approx. 1/2“)    C6649    1 oz


C6647, C6648 and C6649    1-4 $8.00/ea.    5-10 $7.50/ea.    11+ $7.00/ea.

1960 Gas Tank IN STOCK

1960 repro gas tanks NOW IN STOCK! Exact reproduction for the unique 1960 gas tank. 

C12804                  $349.00                 40 lb. due to size


Available in Gas Tank Multikits by adding an "X" to the end of the part number. To get the tank and sealer add "XA".

EX: C10407XA

adding X to the end of the part number. If also getting sealer add the A after the X.
Example: C10407XA.

NEW 1960 Fuel Lines In Stock!

1960 prebent gas lines now in stock! Lines are bent in the middle for shipping

1960 Long Fuel Line Pre-Bent From Tank Back to Engine Compartment   C11239   $48.50

1960 Heater Gas Feed Line From Engine Shroud to Tank   C12552F   $46.25

1960-64 Dash Tubes and Lenses- Directional and High Beam

The originals are cardboard with plastic lenses attached. The tubes can “fall apart” and the lenses fade to almost clear. These repros are plastic tubes with the colored lenses assembled as part of the tubes.  The directionals are green & the original high beam is red but we are also offering the “modern” blue high beam.

2 Green directional & 1 red high beam    C4233A    $25.00    2 oz

2 Green directional & 1 blue high beam    C4233B    $25.00    2 oz

65-69 Cove Casting Retainers

All 65-69 cars have two "C" shaped cast pieces on either side of the tail lights. These plastic wedges help hold those cast pieces on the car. They slide over the stud on the back of the casting to give an even surface for the nut to push against and allow the nut to clamp the casting to the body. NOS in top right of picture, repro bottom right. 



Also see this page for the nuts, foam seals and trim for the castings. 

Wicking Felt for Late Exterior Lights

Wicking felt for late models. Old felt can lose its wicking ability. 6 pieces used. 2 pieces used for front directional housing, 4 pieces used for tail & backup housings.

C4253A   Sold set of 6

Wick installed in front directional housing 

Wick installed in tail light housing



For early model front directional wicks see C1444  Sold Set of 2

Early Headliner Bow Clips

These were used on most 1960-63 Corvairs. These clip into the side of the ceiling and then the ends of the steel bows go into the holes. Sometimes missing, sometimes broken or worn. We just found a limited supply of NOS.



New Ground Cable for 61-64 Cars (excl. Wagons and FC)

We now have a bare copper version of the braided, spring ring style ground cables for 61-64 cars. This does not fit wagons or FC's. The bare copper is more original but corrodes more quickly than the plated versions we carry. 

NEW Bare Copper Spring Ring Cable    C7706GB

67-69 Telescoping Wheel Horn Contact

We are now producing the horn button contact for the 67-69 telescoping steering wheels. 


New Cardboard Color Option

All cardboard interior items on pages 285-287 can now be ordered in a new "charcoal" gray, 
color code "Q". Order SAMCB-Q for a free sample. We recommend getting a sample as we do not accept returns due to color choice. 

NEW Repro 61-69 Gas Tank IN STOCK!

You can now save $30+ with our new excellent repro gas tank (C151F). We’ll still be selling the one we’ve sold for over 20 years (C151) but our new tanks are made from slightly thicker steel & the edge flanges are bent like the NOS for an easier fit. 

Clark NEW car gas tank C151F

Older repro car gas tank C151

Multikits with Clark Car Gas Tank- Multi kits (Page MK-4) can be ordered with our new tank, just add “F” to the end of the kit part number and you get C151F instead of C151. If you are adding sealer to the tank kit, add the “A” after the “F” at the end of the kit part numbers. Ex: C10409FA

Compressor Mount Bushings

We now have the bushings for the original compressor mounting brackets. These bushings go into the brackets that bolt to the compressor and cushion the compressor. Not for repro compressors and brackets. 


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