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FLOOR PANELS- Compare before you buy "the others"!

There are some floor panels being sold that are hardly more than a flat piece of steel. It takes a lot of time to install floor panels, ours are stronger quality steel, look original, fit much better around the edges where you need to weld, and are a real draw stamping with all the original ribs, etc. The less expensive versions will never be as strong (they “oil can”), don’t look original, are harder to install & will not add value to your restoration. They need to be a tight fit or they can leak in the rain. It may look like they have ribs but they are just a line pressed in, you could almost do it with a hammer. Our ribs are up to 1/2” deep, their lines are about 1/5th as deep. Don’t forget our panel discounts! You’ll pay way more to have the cheap panels installed, or if you do it yourself, you’ll be cursing the extra time and effort. 

BODY PANEL DISCOUNT- Now more panels included! Now covers ALL STEEL PANELS on pages 187-190, 192-196. If you order online or by phone, the program will keep track of all qualifying panels & show discount at checkout. You can mix early & late panels. For more details see page 186 

64 Powerglide Generator Bolt

Someone recently pointed out to Clarks that the 64 Assembly Manual showed that the 64 Powerglide equipped cars had a different generator mount bolt! We had never noticed this before and only listed the regular C4350 kit for 60-64 Corvairs with generators. Now we carry the correct kit for 64 Powerglide cars as C4350P for that completely original restoration. Check your generator mount bracket for the size of the bolt hole. Some cars may have the larger size hole that requires the rubber bushings that come in C4350

C4350P    $1.65


C875X            $14.95

Cal says this is the best spray undercoating he’s ever used. Great to refresh old original undercoating, sticks great (as long as old undercoating is not oily) and has the black color & sheen. If you are using on bare or painted metal it sticks well & 3-4 coats start looking like the dealer undercoating. The 19oz. can goes a long way.

Our other undercoating C1293 is browner/black in color, does not stick as well to paint & does not build up to look like dealer undercoating.

C1293 & C875X were sprayed on a gloss white steel panel. The C1293 is on the left & scratched off with just a finger nail. C875X is on the right, a finger nail could not remove it. This was 2 coats & you start to see some texture.


Toolings for 65-69 front lower body panels C9173C  are nearly ready for testing. You can order and we’ll notify you as soon as in stocK. Trimming dies will be made once the trial panels are stamped.

New Repro Oil Pans, PG Pans Now Available

Original steel pans and covers are often rusty, damaged or badly dented. Now you can replace them with these brand-new reproductions. Stamped to match the originals exactly, these pans and covers are made from a slightly thicker steel. This not only makes them more durable but also improves gasket sealing. The original engine and Powerglide pans are known to distort around the bolt holes and flex in between the bolts which makes it hard for the gasket to seal snugly. The distortion and flexing can be fixed but repeated bending weakens the metal. The thicker steel on the new pans reduces the distortion and flex to spread the clamping force more evenly over the gasket, improving the seal and reducing leaks.

Engine Oil Pan C2838                      1- $117.00 2+ -$112.00/each                       Gasket C199

PG Transmission Pan C2837         1- $115.00 2+ -$110.00/each                       Gasket C873

Engine and PG Pan Set (One each of C2838 and C2837)   C2838P                 $222.00

Check back later in the year for reproduction valve covers too!

Starting February 2021 rebuilt Powerglide transmissions will come with a NEW C2837 pan installed!

1960 Gas Tank

1960 repro gas tanks coming! This is a photo of the only NOS 1960 tank I’ve seen in 43 years & it is being used for the new exact repro tank -Expected late 2021- Pre-order now, send no money & we’ll notify you when they arrive. Probably a one-time run only.

C12804                  $310.00                 40 lb. due to size

Engine Assembly Lubricant

Permatex Ultra Slick- 4 oz. bottle.

Adheres to component surfaces to prevent scuffing and galling during initial start-up.

Very slick & sticky, this will protect surfaces until you start engine.

C6689A                          $7.95      5 oz

Surplus Printers

Brand New (“older”) printers-we had stock piled new printers for our old DOS based computer system. These are brand new, in original boxes, but we removed ribbons or toner and used it so it would not go bad. We have priced these WAY BELOW what you might find on eBay, etc. The Epson printers are Dot Matrix Impact Printers, using continuous paper. The HP is a laser. These links will take you to the Craigslist page for photos & more info & pricing-you may just order from us. You need to do research to determine if these will work with your computer. Shipping out of the country will be more.

Epson LQ-2090-narrow & wide paper                                             CX9205 $450

Epson FX890                                                                               CX9206 $300

HP 1102W-laser                                                                           CX9207 $150

62-64 Combined Shop Manual Supplement

We have a few 1962-64 combined shop manual supplements. New but not printed by Clark's, poor quality photos, mark on cover. These combine the 62-63 and 64 Shop Manual supplements. 

CX9199 $14   2 lb  


Cord Parts

Cord 8/10 headlight electric motors, replace yours or have a spare

CX9200    New Cord 8/10 headlight motor for left side (drivers), transfer removable gear from old one.    $95     5 lb. 

CX9201    New Cord 8/10 headlight motor for right side (passengers), transfer removable gear from old one.    $95     5 lb.

CX9202   USED Cord 8/10 headlight motor for left side (drivers), transfer removable gear from old one. Tested & working   $42   5 lb.

CX9203   USED Cord 8/10 headlight motor for right side (passengers), transfer removable gear from old one. Tested & working   $42   5 lb.


65-69 Rear Coil Spring Rubber Bumper

We now have a replacement for the rubber bumper that fits inside the coil spring in the rear of the 65-69 Corvairs. The bumper has a metal stud and a nut that holds it to the bottom of the metal "cone" that goes in the top of the coil spring. These new bumpers are slightly smaller and shaped slightly different from the originals but they fit and work well. The picture shows a comparison between a new bumper and a used original one. 

C716X $18.00 each

AC Condenser

66-67 style-brand new but fins shown have been bent, could be bent back but will probably still show- more info  new cat pg 318-save 25%


Corvair Style Book


Corvair Style is limited to only 2,500 copies hand-numbered and signed by the author. Within its 196 pages are 50 different Corvairs with over 220 beautiful colored photos , revealing fascinating production facts, noteworthy history, design highlights and heartwarming personal stories from their enthusiastic, loyal owners. From limited production high-performance models like Yenko Stingers and Fitch Sprints to production models like 500s, Monzas and Corsas, in coupe, sedan and convertible body styles, as well as Lakewoods, Rampsides and Greenbriers, you’ll discover the distinctive differences. Each Corvair was specially selected and photographed specifically for this book, so each image has never been seen before. Corvair Style will not be sold in bookstores or on newsstands. The author is a Corvair owner & the current executive editor of Hemmings Motor News & Hemmings Classic Car.





C9204A   $35.00    2 lb



Condenser Decal

1961-65 AC Condenser Removal Decal - Water Transfer    C13403

NOS Parts

We just checked in over 200 NOS parts; many were body panels that we were out of.

The following are some we hadn’t listed before or are very rare.


We also have a good selection of 1961-64 & 1965 headlight backing plates, most without the bulb “cups”

See NOS Catalog 16.

62-63 Sheet Metal Horn Shield for behind headlight - Right side

CX9155    $75    5 lb

1961-65 FC Front Body Panel - See NOS cat page 40


Complete with some surface rust    CX9140     $575

1961-65 FC Left Side Rocker Panel/Wheel Opening-Steel! Allows for a perfect replacement of rusted panel.

CX8700    $550 oversize UPS   



1961 Lakewood Inner Rear Panel;  reinforces the rear panel below the rear bumper


CX9149     $195   oversize shipping UPS



1961-64 Front Body Panels


CX9141 bottom below bumper, cut off    $225

1960-64 Left Front Fender - Surface Rust - Front Bottom Cut Off      CX9143     $475


1960-64 Right Front Fender - Front Bottom Cut Off      CX9144     $425


1965-69 Engine Lids Complete - Both panels have 2 front corners that are bent - Best guess is an hour for a body shop to fix both corners.



CX9135 Surface rust; front 2 corners bent    $325    oversize UPS

 CX9136 Dusty, front corners bent, slight dent inside      $350   oversize UPS


New 2019-2025 Clark Catalog !


(You pay shipping)

Over 550 pages in one volume

330 interior samples on 8 pages

All new text and layout

More photos and info

Includes all new parts as of 2/1/19

Order just a 2019-2025 catalog

USA order CAT-9 $8.00 (Catalog and Shipping)

Credit card or sent in money

International you pay the actual shipping

(starting at appox.$30.00)

Caution Refrigerant Fluid Warning Decal  C13404

60-64 Chrome Ignition Bezel C4231B



Cards A & C have the inscription inside “Oh what fun it is to ride!” “Happy Holidays” card B “over the river and through the woods” “Happy Holidays” .

Each part number gives you 12 cards (7 x 5) with 12 white envelopes.

10 oz / set 12 OF C1443A, 12 OF C1443B, 12 OF C1443C, 6 OF A AND B C1443E, 4 EACH OF A&B&C C1443G













New deluxe grain FC mats in stock for front and engine cover areas. Red, turquoise,fawn, and green are the available colors.

Fronts Red C13385

Fawn C13386

Turquoise C13387

Green C13388


Red C13389

Fawn C13390

Turquoise C13391

Green C13392

Black C13393



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We also added a bunch of new products to our product lines, and enhanced our online ordering services to include more information about our offerings. In 2019 all of these pages in our catalogs are now online for you to look at and order from online.

We regularly update our Parts We are Buying listing and have added the list to our Web Site. Each month, there are some new cars for sale on our "Corvairs For Sale" page, sent in from all around the country.


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