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Discontinued When Gone

Be sure to check the "DWG" pages in our yearly supplements!

First page of DWG section

Cove Trim Seconds

We have a few 65-69 rear cove trim end pieces left from old reproduction runs that were not quite correct. 

Left End- Profile is not quite right but can be made to fit and look good    CX297A

Left End- Correct shape but some small spots have a "frosty" appearance    CX297X

Right End- Correct shape but some small spots have a "frosty" appearance    CX298X

Pictures below of some "frosty" spots. Not very noticeable from a distance. 

Corvair Style Book Seconds

We have a few copies of the Corvair Style book C9204A that have a printing defect on the cover causing white specks in the printing. The rest of the book is fine but due to the problem with the cover we are selling these copies as seconds. Less than half the cost of the regular C9204A!

C9204X    $15.00

OT-50 Cams

These are brand new OT-50 series cams that we stopped carrying a few years ago. Only a couple left. Not suggested for street cars and usually only used on heavily modified engines for racing.  


Van Rear Door Threshold

NOS body panel that goes under the rear doors. 


FC Windshield Second

One of our clear FC windshields (C1448) came in with a small chip in the edge at the center of the top. We are offering it as a second.

CX9268    $250.00

Walker brand Crossover Pipes

These are excellent old stock crossover pipes. We have 1 of each in stock.

Approximately 15% off Clark repros.

1960-63 Cars    CX9352     $133.00

1961-65 FC       CX9351     $160.00


Upholstery Set

This is a full set of seat covers for a 67 coupe (C6200) but it is made from 62-64 HLB Blue vinyl. First quality but non-original color. One set available.


See sample photos of vinyl on this page or request a free sample by ordering SAMEU-HLB

Oil Cap and Gas Cap Seconds

Some of our new reproduction oil caps and 1960 gas caps had some chipped plating on the edges. Still nice quality and better than an old rusty one. 

Second Quality Oil Cap C444F

Second Quality 1960 Gas Cap C4529X

2nd Quality New 65-69 Front Bumper

A few spots have slight "frosted" appearance. Almost impossible to see from more than a couple feet away. CX9350

62-64 Combined Shop Manual Supplement

We have a few 1962-64 combined shop manual supplements. New but not printed by Clark's, poor quality photos, mark on cover. These combine the 62-63 and 64 Shop Manual supplements. 

CX9199    $12.00    2 lb

Surplus Printers

Brand New (“older”) printers-we had stock piled new printers for our old DOS based computer system. These are brand new, in original boxes, but we removed ribbons or toner and used it so it would not go bad. We have priced these WAY BELOW what you might find on eBay, etc. The Epson printers are Dot Matrix Impact Printers, using continuous paper. The HP is a laser. These links will take you to the Craigslist page for photos & more info & pricing-you may just order from us. You need to do research to determine if these will work with your computer. Prices include shipping as far as Zone 3, further would be an extra $25. Shipping out of the country will be more.

Epson LQ-2090-narrow & wide paper                                             CX9205 $300

Epson FX890                                                                               CX9206 $250

HP 1102W-laser                                                                           CX9207 $100

Reproduction Wire Wheel Seconds

New but chrome peeled off center hub.  1 available.  CX8913

Battery Cable Ends

Cast bronze battery ends, set of 2.  Clamp style $5.95 C13419

Cast bronze battery ends, set of 2.  Nut and bolt style $2.00  C13421


65-68 Old Style Repro Clutch Cable - does not have coated nylon cable.   $35.00   CX260

Repro 4 Lug Wire Wheel Adaptor


Left:  C12555



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