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WARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to ww w.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
We have already sold 1/3 of the order so don't wait too long to order yours. We may not be able to reorder. Windshields are
foamed in a special box and shipped via Fedex for 220 lbs. dimensional (due to size).
Clear C: 4365 $527.00 Tinted: C4366TC $546.40
I've used the stabilizer for Corvair cars (less steering wheel movement, especially at speed and in the wind). BUT FOR AN
FC? When I rebuilt my Rampside, I replaced every single front-end steering component and all bushings. So I figured that
was as good as it could get. But I still noticed I was nearly constantly moving the steering wheel slightly back and forth so I
installed our steering stabilizer. WOW – what an improvement – steering wheel is now rock steady with almost no movement
even in high winds and at high speeds. C1460 Catalog page 138
NEW Steering Boxes
Heater/Trans Cover Panel Insulation
61-62 wagons: Plastic-covered insulation that is glued and strapped to
the interior cover over the heater & trans. If lucky, yours doesn’t look any
worse than the one in this photo. NOTE: Remove carefully! Screws on
top, lots of caulking (slide knife along edge to cut) AND there are 2 nuts
underneath that attach heater fan housing to this panel. These panels
bend easily, take your time! You get new insulation with the black plastic
attached. Ready to install with instructions. You will want waterproof glue
& body caulking. For replacement screws: See Main Catalog, page 178.
C3777H $28.95
3 lbs. This shows a used one, most are worse
Wagon Rocker Panel Flaps
The rocker panels use the same flap as the 60-64 cars. C856E $6.50 2 oz.
Wagon Rear Fender Rubber Flaps
You will find 2 rubber flaps near the rear bottom of the rear fenders, on both sides.
These are actually 65-69 style. 4 needed. C856 $8.85
2 oz.
Wagon Rear Latch Area Drain "Plug"
This hollow rubber drain presses right in to drain water from this area. C6706 $2.10 1 oz.
Wagon Door Pillar Black Plug
Near bottom of center door pillar. 1 per side, sold set of 2. C6706B $2.25 2 oz.
Wagon Ceiling Insulation
Replaces the piece of insulation glued to the roof above the engine. Size: 23” x 43”.
You will need to glue in place. C13429 $26.30
2 lbs.
Wagon & FC Oil Filler Cap Gasket
The cap is riveted to the dipstick but if your gasket is deteriorated it is possible to replace. Includes
instructions; somewhat hard to do. We give you extra gaskets in case you need them. C2307 $ 7. 75
4 oz.
Wagon Windshield
New but 20 or so years old. Cal had set aside for himself in case we never got new ones.
Perfect condition, save $100 off new windshields (C4365). 220 lbs. dimensional.
New Clear Wagon Windshield: CX7131W $332.00
C6706 C6706B
1965-69 $ Saver Molded Engine Insulation
These are first quality except the engine light cut out was off by
1/2". You'll probably never notice whether you have an engine
light or not. CX8436 $49.00
Late Car Stickers
Approximately 5" long late model
coupes. Blue: C1723B $4.25
Red: C1723R $4.25
Yellow: C1723Y $4.25
Horn Contact Kit
60-64 cars & 61-65 van horn contact
rebuild kit. Two new brass contacts
and one new spring. Reuse your old
nylon plastic housing (cap pops off).
If cap does not pop back on, use 2
part epoxy glue. The plastic housing in the 65-66 kit is identical
so you could buy C2020 separately and use just the housing
with this early rebuild kit. C2401 $12.45
Quality Suspension Parts
We've worked with the same suspension
company since 2001 producing the quality ball
joints, tie rods and idler arms.
Plastic pieces not included
1960-61 Brass Contact Dist. Cap
Premium quality dist caps made with
all brass contacts.
with brass C988B $19.95
with aluminum C988 $14.95
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