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Parts We Are Buying

We often buy new parts, GM NOS or after market, you must send us a detailed list with quantity, brand, part number and description. We will send back a bid on the parts. We prefer quantity buy outs of 20 or more parts with a value in excess of $100. Email us your list if you prefer clarks@corvair.com


The following are the only used parts that we are buying at this time. (July 1, 2024 thru December 31, 2024) Please do not send more than 6 of any one item (unless you check with us first) clarks@corvair.com You must pay all shipping costs to us. All parts must be good usable parts, no $ for junk parts.

A-Arms front lower 65-9 only:

(Must have stabilizer bracket)
$20.00 ea.


$35.00 ea.


Alternator Fans:
(Must be corvair fan)
$8.00 ea.

Axle bearing 60-62 bearing housings:
$20.00 ea.

Axle bearing 61-65 Van bearing housings:
$22.00 ea.

Alternator/oil filter adaptor plate 65-69:
$40.00 ea.

Boomerang 61-65 FC:

(Center pivot stud must turn)
$30.00 ea.

Bumper 61-65 FC rear:
$45.00 ea.

Bumper 61-65 FC front:
$45.00 ea.

Bumper 61-62 Wagon rear:

$45.00 ea.

Carbs – Turbo 1962-66:
($ depends on condition & completeness)
$40.00 - $80.00 ea.

Carbs 1962-63:
$45.00 ea.


Carbs 1964

$55.00 ea.

Carbs 1965-67 Primary non-smog:
$45.00 ea.

Carbs All Secondaries:
(Must have all lockout hardware on 66+)
$24.00 ea.

Carbs 1966-69 smog:
$26.00 ea.

Clock Monza style

(Does not need to work but must be in good condition)

$50.00 ea.


Cylinders 61-69 only:

(Must have good gasket surface and no broken fins:
$10.00 ea.

Drag links 60-69:

(Must not be bent)
$50.00 ea.

Distributors Turbo and 140 only:
$35.00 ea.

Idler Pulley and Bracket:

(Fan belt idler pulley, bearing and bracket)

$12.00 ea.

(Good used original jacks, must be reconditionable)

$30.00 ea.

Rear wheel bearing units 66-69 only:
(Must be rebuildable)
$25.00 ea.

Steering Boxes 60-63:

(Aluminum boxes. Must turn freely, straight and good threads)

$60.00 ea.

Steering Boxes 1964:
(49" long shaft. Must turn freely, straight and good threads, strap together to save shipping)
$70.00 ea.

Steering Boxes 67-69:

$45.00 ea.

Corsa $30.00 ea.
$30.00 ea.


Torque Converter 60-69

(Must have good shield not dented)

$30.00 ea.

Turbo bearing housing:
(1962-66 aluminum center housing, seal area must be perfect)
$35.00 ea.

Turbo 180 turbine and shaft:
(1965-66 only must be good.)
$125.00 ea.

Wheels 62-64 4 lug:

(Must be perfect, no tires)
$25.00 ea.


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