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Clark's History

This company was started as a hobby in 1973 when Joan and Cal Clark finished a restoration of their Corvair and found people asking for the parts they had obtained over the months for their car. They put 5 shelf units in their apartment and listed 150 Corvair parts in a small "catalog". Within 2 years Joan had quit her secretarial job and soon after Cal stopped teaching biology, general science and Drivers Ed.

WHY CORVAIRS? "We had both learned to drive in Corvairs and dated in a Corvair during high school-we loved them!" By 1978 it was obvious that 12 full time people and over 4,000 parts could not fit in a 1,500 square foot house so we started building. Since that time we've built 8 buildings with over 60,000 square feet. There are now over 14,000 part numbers, 24 employees and we produce many of our own parts, including complete upholstery sets, mechanical parts and our catalogs (now over 600 pages). MORE? See the 15 page history & photo tour in our catalog....

The 1960 to 1969 CORVAIR HISTORY


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