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WARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to ww w.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
NOS VALVES – Priced less than repros!
Original Chevy valves, most still in original boxes. Order sets of 6
or individually while they last. All are standard size valve stem.
6 oz. ea or 2 lbs./set of 6 Individual Sets of 6
Exhaust: All (exc. turbo & 140Hp) – 4 groove CX1488 CX1488A
Exhaust: FC use w/ rotator cap (not included) CX1479 - - - - - -
"NOS" NOT listed in the "NOS" Catalog
These Items Will be Discontinued When Gone.
61-64 Car Air Control Cable (to rear) CX4047 $59.00 2 lbs.
Lo Note Horns:
Look like NOS, but the brackets are slightly different.
Can be modified to work on 61-64. CX8713
$28.00 3 lbs.
1965 Accelerator Rod: From transmission to carb cross shaft (exc turbo & 140)
CX8728 $33.00 2 lbs.
FC Side Door Lock Latch: Attaches to edge of side door & small arm for up &
one for down. Left Side Rear Door
CX8612 $24.00 1 lb.
NOS 60-61 Windshield Washer Fluid Tank Bracket
Mounts in the trunk to hold the plastic washer fluid reservoir, not the glass bottle.
CX9180 $19.00 1 lb.
Seat Slide & Adjuster Rails – NOS
62-66 Bucket Seat/67-69 Bucket Seat LF or RT – Inner Slide CX9229 $19.20 5 lbs.
Set of 2 Delco Solenoids: Shelf worn – minor rust & dust: CX9221 $48.00 2 lbs.
FC Center Tie Rod Link: Connects tie rod, steering box & idler arm. CX9218 $44.15 4 lbs.
1961 NOS Windshield Glare Shade: Dark green plastic strips with clips to attach to the
top windshield rubber, on the inside, 985015 – extremely rare – set has 2 of the plastic
pieces but since I only have enough clips for one, you get both. Says not for wagon, probably
since you look more
through top of wagon.
I’m not sure if really
usable or an interesting
rare option – includes
original instructions.
CX9214X $112.00 dimensional wt.
More NOS Parts
1965 NOS Black Wrinkle Paint Glove Box Door: New but the wrinkle is rubbed
smooth along right edge in 1/4”. CX9037 $69 2 lbs.
1964 Tail & Backup Center Trim
(not as nice as our repros) CX9038 $3.95 ea 4 oz.
1964 Rear Leaf Spring NOS Bolt Kit For End
CX9039 $19.00 6 oz. (1=1 end)
Sell us your used one and have one with all new chrome new factory paint, just
replace the gaskets & accelerator pump. CX8718 $795.00 8 lbs.
Bumper Guard Clamps – New 2nds
These appear new, but may have been near the end of the run & tooling was going bad.
They work fine, just not as nicely stamped as most.
1960-64 Cars & 61-65 FC: 1 = 4 clamps, bolts & lock washers
(does 2 front or 2 rear guards)
CX8990 $4.60 8 oz.
1965-69 Fronts CX8991 $1.50 ea. 2 oz.
Rears CX8992
$1.50 ea. 2 oz.
1961 Lakewood Inner Rear Panel: Reinforces the rear panel below the rear bumper. CX9149 $175 – Oversize
1961-64 Front Body Panels: Bottom below bumper, cut off CX9141 $225
1960-64 Left Front Fender: Surface rust – front bottom cut off CX9143 $475
1960-64 Right Front Fender: Front bottom cut off CX9144 $425
1965-69 Engine Lid Complete: Both panels have 2 front corners that are bent – best guess
is an hour for a body shop to fix both corners. Surface rust, front 2 corners bent
CX9135 $325 – Oversize
NOS GM Spring Ring Braided Ground Cables: 61-64 cars (exc.
wagons) – I can’t remember when we last had these as NOS instead
of repro – in original boxes – tinned. CX7706G $83.20 1 lb.
Seat Adjusters: We have 2 new with
the chrome adjuster lever/knobs, not
sure what they fit – click on the part
# on the web for larger, color picture.
A = CX9257 $24.95 4 lbs.
C = CX9259 $24.95 4 lbs.
GM Compass: Black & silver,
for 75-78 Chevy originally. Can
mount to windshield but I doubt
the original stickum is still good,
or mount with screw to dash.
CX9250 $37.75 10 oz.
1960-69 Car NOS Accel Pedal
Note – one hole is round and one has
a flat side, to use you would have to
do a very slight amount of grinding or
filing the black line shows where you
would grind once you figure the angle
you wanted for the pedal, just the
slightest off the threaded part. C542A $17.00 1 lb.
1965-69 CP/4 Dr Sunvisor Pivots: Sold as a pair.
NOTE: NOS but not as nice as the repros. CX9264 $30.70 1 lb.
NOS 65-69 (Exc. CT) Sunvisor Pivots – Either Side
Plating not as good as our repros. CX3340 $14.40 1 lb.
NOS Rampside Rear Tailgate Right Side Latch: Nice original looking
plating but not nearly as nice as the repros. CX9341 $245.00 1 lb.
NOS Headliner Clips- 60-63 Headliner Clips
These clip into the edges of the roof and the headliner bows fit into
the holes. Sold each. C4254A $7.95 1 oz.
NOS Rear Door Threshold Panel: Greenbriers & panel vans.
Goes across directly under rear doors. CX9354X $45.00 8 lbs.
NOS PARTS IN STOCK LIST: Starting March 29, 2024, we will have a new list of NOS parts in stock on our website. Click on “Online Catalog” and
it will appear in red, just below the 2024 Supplement. Many of these NOS items may never be available again, as we are seeing fewer and
fewer. For example, sets of '60-'64 door edge guards CX2244 or '61 parking brake light kit CX2287 or '60-'62 rocker trim CX2355. AC plugs:
46FFS extended tips – only $15 set of 6 – CX2781 & trim for '65-'69 cars.
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