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WARNING: Product s on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to w ww.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
AC Water Transfer Decal
1961-65 AC "condenser removal" (4" x 2 1/4")
White print on clear background.
Note: We include instructions but water transfers
can be tricky, therefore we offer a discount if you
buy 2, in case your first try isn’t perfect.
Limit of 2 per order at the 2 price.
C13403 1 – 13.30 2 – $9.35 1 oz.
AC Caution Refrigerant
Fluid Warning Decal
Red print on clear self stick backing. C13404 $8.30 1 oz.
1960-64 Chrome Ignition Switch Bezel
C4231B $13.10 4 oz.
1960 Speedo Grommet: This is a very low volume part so
they are handmade in low volume tooling, don’t look "great" but
don’t show under the carpet & are very close to the originals.
Photo shows used grommet. C13410 $14.75
GAS HEATER GASKET: This gasket is inside the
trunk where the exhaust pipe exits to help seal around
the pipe. The originals were asbestos, these are very
high temp blackened fiberglass. C13411 $3.75
Rebuilt 62-63 Turbo Pressure Plate
With good used ring gear.
C3765 $364.75 20 lbs. Core $180 included in price
Cast Bronze Battery Ends
Sold as a pair. Note photo – these are only for cables
that end with an "eye" to go over the stud, under the
brass nut. The stud is 1/4", hardware stores usually
sell "eyes" or lugs that can be crimped or solder to
cables. C13421 $2.00 8 oz.
1965-68 Clutch Cable
Older repro. Does not have nylon covering. CX260 $35.00 5 lbs.
RIVETS FOR C2562T installation: You get 3, 1 for practice. 62-64 Ct vent
window top rubber tip. C2562TR $1.25 1 oz.
We have 3 prototypes of each – usually first color samples or before minor
improvements in the ends – otherwise excellent. Colors are either "thin" or just
not correct shade. 1965 CX9196 $225.00 5 lbs.
1966-69 CX9197 $235.00 5 lbs.
NOS GM Pleasurizer Shocks: In original boxes.
CX6071A 61-65 Van Front – Pair $58.00
CX7162 60-64 Car Front – Pair $58.00
CX7153A 65-69 Front – Pair $58.00
CX7981A 61-65 FC Heavy Duty Front – Pair $58.00
CX7603 65-69 Rear – Pair $58.00
CX7598 60-64 Rear – Pair $58.00
CX7597 60-64 Front Heavy Duty – Pair $58.00
Cord 8/10: We now have the front hub (less studs), Letter K on page 42.
C12412 $49.00 4 lbs.
Cord 8/10 Front Direction O-Ring: These O-rings hold the amber direc-
tional lens into the chrome housing on the Cord. C13422 $3.55/ea. 2 oz.
Cord 8/10 Short Tie Rod Ends: These will replace the short tie rod ends
but you may have to cut 1/2" off threaded end. C4593 $29.60 1 lb.
More NOS Parts – November of 2021 we got 5 more pallets of NOS parts that we are getting back into inventory.
Don't forget the NOS Catalog only available on our website – Our website will tell you if the part is in stock.
62-63 Sheet Metal Horn Shield: For behind headlight – right side. CX9155 $75 5 lbs.
1961-65 FC Front Body Panel – See NOS Catalog, page 40 – Ask for shipping options. Complete with some surface rust CX9140 $575
More NOS In Stock
T3 Headlight Bulbs: Never used on a car – removed from headlight
units. Tested, but only guaranteed for 30 days. Priced LESS THAN REPRO
BULBS! Sold each. 2 Prong Hi Beam CX5559 $12.00
Cord Body Panels
Original unused Cord panels. Some fronts look like
they have pointed rear ends but they are not as
pointed as production fenders that had the fiberglass
extension attached and will need extensions added.
These panels are drop shipped by truck from New
Orleans, LA. Shipping cost not included.
Right front fender with part of the hood side with
more pointed rear which still required fiberglass
be molded on. CX9213 $600.00
Right front fender with part of the hood side with
blunt rear end where fiberglass extension was
molded on. This fender does have a dent crease
about 18” long. CX9214 $600.00
Left front fender with part of the hood side – with
more pointed rear which still required fiberglass
be molded on. CX9215 $600.00
Left front fender with part of the hood side – with
more pointed rear which still required fiberglass
be molded on – headlight opening is cut out.
CX9216 $600.00
Right rear fenders with part of the trunk side.
CX9217 $400.00
Cord Suspension Nuts: These large fine-thread nuts go on the front of the
Cord 8/10 rear suspension frame. We have carried the C12504 coarse threads
but found that some Cords used a fine thread. See page OT-43 on web site for
diagram. C12504F $10.00 Set 2 Nuts and 2 LW 6 oz.
Cord 8/10 Headlight Electric Motors
Replace yours or have a spare. Transfer
removable gear from old motor.
CX9200: NEW headlight motor for left side
(drivers) $95 5 lbs.
CX9201: NEW headlight motor for right
side (passengers) $95 5 lbs.
CX9202: USED headlight motor for left side (drivers) Tested & working
$42 5 lbs.
CX9203: USED headlight motor for right side (passengers) Tested & working
$42 5 lbs.
NOS Style Front Spoiler – 66-69 (also fits 65)
Molded black ABS-formed just like the original, grain slightly different and slightly
glossier. In stock. C8182 $89 6 lbs.
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