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WARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to ww w.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
Head Stud Die: This gives you the best
chance of saving the exposed threads. This die is
the same 9/16" hex as the head nut. C6708X
1. Wire brush exposed threads
2. Spray exposed threads with penetrating oil
3. While still wet, try to start the hex die by
hand; do not cross thread
4. Use socket & run die right up to head nut; back off and run up again
5. Remove die and add some heat to nut if possible. An impact is often
best to remove the nuts. Check out photos. The die will clean right up to
the last thread before the nut.
We now have an exact reproduction for
the FC steering idler arm. Previous
replacements were not original looking
and needed spacers to fit correctly. These
NEW idler arms are made exactly like the
original except now there is a grease fitting
at both pivot points. Castle nut, cotter pin
and both grease fittings included.
Exact Repro Idler Arm: C1613 Bolts for attaching to the body: C6856 Old $ Saver Replacement: C1614
C1613 / C1614
“Tool” for 60-69 Car Accelerator Pedal
This small steel rectangle will come with our new
repro accelerator pedals (expected early Summer).
It can also be purchased for use with used
originals as shown in the shop manual. This piece
of metal keeps the top of the bracket from
collapsing as you tighten the accelerator pedal shaft nut. You may have to
grind one side slightly or spread the bracket apart if your bracket has been
over tightened. Expected Summer 2024. This will come with new
accelerators starting Summer 2024. C542X $2.15 1 oz.
63-64 Convertible Roof Rail Foam Seals
We believe these were added sometime during
1963 & continued through 1964. You may
want to check your car. Only took me 50 years
to notice these. They help to seal any air leaks
above the roof rail weatherstrip joining between
the middle and rear weatherstrips. Includes
instructions (NOTE: The metal tab is held by 1
small spot weld, do not pry on the tab). Now included in roof rail weatherstrip
sets. Needs a spot of weatherstrip glue. Set of 2. C2309 $4.05 2 oz.
C12661X C13038
Smaller Coated Clip
This clip is similar to the larger
C13038 clip. Can also be used
in place of clip C3038 (this one
is much larger than C3038).
C12661X $5.25 2 oz.
FC Gas Tanks NOW IN FACTORY ORIGINAL TERN STEEL (rust-proof plating)
All tanks & multi-kits will now be tern coated. See below for remaining painted tanks.
1961-65 FC tern tank – no shifter hole C11710N $279.95
1963-65 FC tern tank with shifter hole C11710H $282.95
Remaining 61-65 FC (no hole) painted steel gas tank: DWG C11710X $239.00
Rampside Night Lights
Featuring Cal’s Rampside. Approximately 4” x 2-1/2”,
automatic LED light base, very bright, .5W. Image just
slides onto light unit.
Cal's Rampside Night Light: C6715 $25.00 1 lb.
Night Light Base Only: C6719 $6.00 8 oz.
We just received a
shipment of new
IMPROVED Clark Belts.
Keep ordering C5790
for the BEST fan belt
Clarks offers. We added
one more internal cord
and made the wrap fibers stronger for less
stretching and longer life. For more details see
page 12 in this supplement. (Remaining stock of
the previous version C5790 is now discounted as
CX9358.) C5790 1=$14.90 2+=$13.75 ea
All 1960-64 cars
have this drain
just above the
cross "dam" below the windshield wipers/master
cylinder. You will
see your old one
or a hole at the
lowest area, just to the right of center (left as you
look at it) remove old one, install new one & use
flat tool that covers it to softly drive it in flush.
C6708 $2.20 1 oz.
We receive dozens of technical calls per day and do
our best to help answer everyone’s questions but
there are many questions we just can’t answer. “What
is my car or part worth?” or “Is this car a good buy?”
are nearly impossible to answer. Our recommendation is
to check classic car pricing guides, CORSA listings and
“Corvairs For Sale” listings on our website to find similar
vehicles for sale. Identifying parts can be very difficult
to describe over the phone. Send photos of the part to
our email address clarks@corvair.com and a tech can
help identify the part. We recommend anyone working
on a Corvair have a Shop Manual and Assembly Manual.
Our techs use them to answer many of the questions we
get. Everyone from experienced professionals to first-
timers can benefit. Check pages 243A-250 in the Main
Catalog for all the manuals we carry to help you with
your Corvair.
**See the Technical Help section in the Main Catalog
starting on page 385 for frequently asked questions.**
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Yoke Puller: 60-69 Cars & FC
This heavy-duty puller will remove the yoke off end of
early axle shafts or 65-69 yokes from wheel bearing
units. Also see Main Catalog, page 339.
C3490X 4 lbs.
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