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WARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to ww w.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
These fit both ends of the metal connector
beneath the rear seat. Not exact repros but work
great. C2312 requires staples like the engine side
strips and C2313 requires weatherstrip glue. Each
sold as a pair. Includes instructions. These come in
the 61-62 car Multi-Kit Ultimate heater kits.
A = Connector to Heater Box/Set of 2 C2312 $12.15 6 oz
B = Connector to Outlet/Set of 2 C2313 $9.70 6 oz
Set of 50 Staples for C2312 C858E $13.60 2 oz.
Suggested glue for C2313 C4870R $16.15 8 oz.
It appears the company that made the steel ones for over 50 years is out of
business. We priced tooling at over $30,000 plus a run of 200 panels and
could not justify it.
Fiberglass Panel: To replace
the steel panel from behind
the front bumper and down.
C1500F $226.25 28 lbs. (due to size)
63-64 ANTENNA NUT TOOL: This tool slides
over the antenna base nut, allowing a regular wrench
to turn the nut. C2921X $30.00 4 oz.
Tall Upper Head Nuts: 1” tall
protects threads and engages more threads.
32 Rockwell hardness, class 3 formed internal
threads. Available in black zinc (rust resistant
but will rust over time) or nickel plated which is
more rust resistant. Black zinc can be hard to
screw the nut on the first time. If the nut feels
tight, use a wrench to turn the nut on the stud
back and forth a few times. Do not use a tap
to clean threads, it will damage the formed
threads. 12 nuts & case hard washers.
Black zinc set of 12 C5359 $69.65 1 lb.
Nickel plated set of 12 C5345 $89.60 1 lb.
C5359 C5345
You can do everything from the open end of the pushrod tube. Insert the tool
and the sliding jaw engages
the inside of the tube as you
turn the knob. There is also a
wrench “flat” to help release
stuck tubes by turning back
& forth. The tool has a slide
weight to help tap tube out. To install tube – just install tool & give a tap on
the end with your hand or the slide weight. Our other removal tool requires
you to engage the inner surface of the tube & hit the tool with a hammer.
This tool is definitely easier! Watch the video on our “Clark YouTube Videos”
page. Tool comes with instructions. C5346 $89.75 2 lbs.
Use removers separately or thread into C12603 or C1712B. These tools
work much better than the C6679A and C6679E tools we have carried for
years. Also see Main Catalog, page 340.
1960-64 with 3 slots for removal: C5347E $28.15 6 oz.
1965-67 with 4 slots for removal: C5347L $30.40 6 oz.
NOTE: If '65 has 3, order C5347E.
Engine Compartment Insulation
1960-61 Coupes & 60-64 4 Doors: These replace the black plastic covered
fiberglass insulation visible in the engine compartment. Our black plastic is
about 30% thicker and is glued to the insulation, ready to install. They look
identical to the original including the wrinkles & can be rolled for shipping with
no harm. The 4 door version used plastic retainers. We have ones that are close
but you must slightly enlarge the five 3/8” holes with a 25/64” drill, insert
blunt punch into clip and hit to install.
1960-61 Coupes (2 pieces) C13426 $32.15 2 lbs.
1960-64 4 Doors (1 piece) C13427 $33.50 2 lbs.
Set of 5 Black Plastic Retainers C13425 $5.20 4 oz.
Stainless Bead Fuzzies
Full sets for 60-64 Coupes and 62-64 Convertibles. Not original but some
owners prefer the stainless over the black bead.
Set for 1960-64 Coupes C340Z $168.30 2 lbs.
Set for 62-64 Convertibles C341Z $168.50 2 lbs.
Stainless Bead Fuzzies with Multi-Kits: Simply add Z to the end of any
Multi-Kit with fuzzies and they will have the stainless bead. See Main
Catalog, page MK-15.
Tyler is quite new to Corvairs – maybe like yourself – so
he is learning as he restores!
Installing Corvair Oil Filters
Because these are not "spin on" filters, there is no
reason to oil the outer rubber seal and I would also wipe
the area it seals against. The center rubber seal has to
push up so I do oil that. Also, it is easier on your engine
if you can prefill the filter 3/4 full with oil before installing.
Torque 15-20 ft./lb. and recheck after 100 miles.
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