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WARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to ww w.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
2nds 2nds 2nds
Because we produce 1000's of items and have such strict quality control, we have some 2nds at the end of each year.
All of the items on this page are 2nds with slight defects, wrinkles or were the result of sewing training. Minor unless otherwise noted. Sold on a first come basis.
Upholstery — 2nds 2nds 2nds
May have extra needle holes, small "pinched" area, pleated piece not perfect,
or color match off. The number in ( ) is the QUANTIT Y we have.
"C" = COMPLETE top & bottom "T" = TOP only "B" = BOTTOM only
(1) 1964 BUCKET "T" (HA-saddle) CX8502 $55.00 4 lbs.
(1) 1965 BUCKET "T" (HL-blue) CX9208 $55.00 4 lbs.
(1) 1965 BUCKET "T" (HR-red) CX9344 $55.00 4 lbs.
(1) 1966 BUCKET "T" (HB-black) CX9189 $55.00 4 lbs.
(2) 1966 BUCKET "T" (HR-red) CX9188 $55.00 4 lbs.
(1) 1966 BUCKET "T" (HH-blue) CX9210 $55.00 4 lbs.
(1) 1966 BUCKET "C" (H T-fawn) CX9209 $55.00 4 lbs.
(1) 1968 BUCKET "C" (HG-ivory gold) – driver side CX9190 $65.00 8 lbs.
Ct Top Boot — 2nds 2nds 2nds
62 Red (HRA) CX9343 $159.00 10 lbs.
63-64 Red (HRB) CX8138 $159.00 10 lbs.
62-64 Black (HB) CX8319 $159.00 10 lbs.
65-69 Bright Blue (HHL) CX8136 $159.00 10 lbs.
65 Saddle (HA) CX8316 $159.00 10 lbs.
Carpet — 2nds 2nds 2nds
Bad stitches or poor heel pads, wrinkles.
61-63 Van front carpet w/ gas heater & PG trans 80/20 Power Blue (MZ)
CX8799 $69.00 10 lbs.
61-63 Van front carpet w/ hot air heater & PG trans Medium Blue (JJ)
CX8800 $69.00 10 lbs.
Molded Fender Insulation — 2nds
Set of left and right molded fender insulation – may have creases on surface
– just not perfect CX8206 $56.95 52 lbs. (due to size)
Due to constant and drastically changing prices due to COVID, we are not printing a price list in the
supplement this year. Our website always has the most up-to-date prices easily available by entering the part
number in the search bar on the upper right of the home page or click on "Order Parts – Get Prices".
GM Ball Joints
GM Ball joints during the 60s were not of the greatest quality. We've seen ones
sealed in boxes with 1/16" of play. If your Corvair still has the original ball
joints, please consider replacing or at least check carefully.
NEW YouTubes – "Clark Internet Catalog"
See link to Clark's YouTube Videos on our website – We will
also be listing a new Repro Parts – Part 3 for a close up of
repros added since 2013.
There are monthly zoom meetings only accessible by Corsa members & also
viewable as a video if you miss it live. Cal Clark gave a 1 hr zoom meeting
Feb 17, 2023, that you may enjoy.
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COMING FALL 2024 – ATO Type Fuse
Fuse block with stock Corvair dash harness. The fuse block will fit in the stock
location but will not look exactly stock (our dash harnesses listed in the catalog
will still be the stock style). These new fuse blocks will handle more power and
allow for greater flexibility by the addition of side “rails” as well as additional
internally fused circuits. With these new blocks you will not have to splice into
other wires to feed a new electrical device. 3 constant power ports vs. 1 with
glass fuse blocks, 2 switched battery power instead of 1, 2 ports instead of 1
when ignition is in run position and much more. The fuse block and harness
replaces the original and is totally compatible with the rest of the stock wiring
harnesses. When available, we will have photos of the actual fuse block. To start
we will probably only be offering 1963-66 cars & 62-63 FC; when available,
there will be a detailed listing on our website “What’s New” page. To be notified
as soon as they are available, please order one of these part numbers.
Notify me when 62-63 FC are ready C124
Notify me when 63-64 cars are ready C125
Notify me when 65-66 cars are ready C126
Padded Dash — 2nds 2nds 2nds
60-62 Bright Red (PRB) CX9349 $170 .00
60-64 Gold/Fawn (GPF) CX5800GPF $170. 0 0
63-64 Dark Red (PRX) CX8648 $170 .00
30 lbs. dimensional
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