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WARNING: Products on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to ww w.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
Glo Bright Lenses
We have a few of the following Glo Bright lenses from the 60s. Other than
saying Glo Bright & TMC, they look the same as original "Guide". The chrome
trim on the 1963s and 65-69s is not as high a quality as our repros. All 6 oz.
1960-61 Tail Light C218R $26.00
1962 Tail Light C219R $28.00
1962 Back Up (with trim) C8085 $10.00
1963 Tail Light (with trim) C8086 $22.00
1964 Tail Light C8088 $16.00
1965 Tail Light CX2669 $22.00
1965 Back Up CX2668 $22.00
1966-69 Tail Light (wide trim) CX2670T $25.00
1966 Tail Light (narrow trim) CX5273 $49.00
1966 Back Up (narrow trim) CX8096 $49.00
Narrow Trim Set: 2 Glo Bright Tail & 2 Glo Bright Back Up – 1966
CX8096X $179.0 0
*Early 1966 Corvairs had a narrow trim ring – extremely rare – we have
a few Glo-Bright with the narrow trim.
New Cardboard Color: All cardboard items on pages 285-287 may
now be ordered in a new color – "charcoal" gray – code "Q". A sample is shown
on the website "what's new" – samples suggested.
Folding Package Areas/Kick Panels: The best way to fold
package area or kick panel creases is to fold the colored sides towards each
other somewhat, then fold the parts away as needed. By folding the colored
sides towards each other, it usually makes a slight "bulge" that helps it fold the
other way with less cracking – a slight amount of cracking is still "normal".
Master Cylinder to Body Seal – 1960-61
The thick rubber seal surrounds the filler neck &
is compressed into a depression under the dash
– this keeps any spilled brake fluid from dripping
under the dash onto the carpet – it is often
missing. Not in any kits.
C1202A $4.20 1 oz.
62-64 & 65-69 Convt Roof Rail
We are working on completely new repros –
more accurate & better fitting.
Bare 61-64 Car Spring Ring
Ground Cable (Exc. Wagon)
The original factory cables were just bare
copper – in the late 60’s the replacements
were "tinned" to help prevent corrosion – if
you want to be pure stock you need these
bare cables, but they will be more apt to
corrode. Repro C7706GB $80.80 1 lb.
Spark Plug Wire Protectors
If your retainers no longer have the rubber & you do not want to bother trying to
recoat them – these are slit lengthwise & fit over 7 or 8mm plug wires. You can
then slip them into the wire retainers on your engine cover and they protect the
wire & prevent arcing.
1960 only – set of 13 pieces C1462 $2.40 2 oz.
1961-69 – set of 6 pieces C1463 $1.50 1 oz.
Trim Clips (Plastic) for 1960-64 Body Belt Line Trim
These are not exact repros but work fine. The
originals had a foam seal around the protrusion,
you could substitute clay or body caulking.
1960-63: 2 sizes used – the difference is the
width of the part that pushes into the body.
The width of the main body is approx. 11/16".
Shorter clip (projection appx. 5/16") C6647 1 oz.
Wider clip (projection appx. 1/2") C6648 1 oz.
1-4 = $8.00 5-10 = $7.05 11+ = $6.40
1964: We're not sure if 2
protrusion sizes were used.
The width of the main body
is appx. 13/16".
1964 clip (projection appx. 1/2") C6649 1 oz.
1-4 = $8.00 5-10 = $7.05 11+ = $6.40
C6647 C6648 C6649
NOS 60-63 & 64
New Tachometer Rebuild Kit
This kit replaces the internal parts of the Spyder or Corsa tachometer with
modern components to bring the tach back to life. Assembly is very easy
and when you are done you will have a more reliable and more accurate
tachometer. The original face plate is reused so appearance is very close
to stock. The new needle is a little shorter but the original needle could be
adapted to the new needle for a completely stock appearance. No modification
to original parts so tach can be restored to original if needed. Higher accuracy
across all RPMs and no calibration needed. Gauge self-tests at startup.
62-64 Spyder: C6663R $149.30 6 oz. / 65-66 Corsa: C7193R $149.30 6 oz.
- - - - - - - - - LAST CHANCE! - - - - - - - - -
Aluminum Oil Pans and Valve Covers
OTTO PARTS PANS & VALVE COVERS: These have been available for over
50 years but we do not plan to rerun them. Order now as we have a few
left in stock. Main Catalog, pg. 30.
ECONO OIL PANS AND VALVE COVERS: The oil pans are gone, we still
have a few valve covers in the main catalog pg. 30. These will not be
re-run. We do have the Clark aluminum pans & valve covers in the Main
Catalog, pg. 29, or consider the HD steel repro oil pan & valve covers on
page 13.
Corvair Style
is limited to only
2,500 copies hand-numbered and signed by
the author. In its 196 pages are over 220 colored
photos of 50 different Corvairs, revealing
fascinating production facts, noteworthy history
and design highlights from limited production
high-performance models like Yenko Stingers and
Fitch Sprints to production models like 500s,
Monzas and Corsas, in coupe, sedan and
convertible body styles, as well as Lakewoods,
Rampsides and Greenbriers.
C9204A $39.00 2 lbs.
A project car you just aren't getting to?
HEADLINERS: If you are replacing an original headliner, be sure to
keep track of each cross wire & which hole it went into on its end.
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