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WARNING: Product s on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to w ww.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
More Wood Kits
1964 Riviera wood veneer door panels, wood console and wood
radio surround (factory stock). Includes AC and non-AC radio. Deluxe
interior. R322 22 lbs. *see disclaimers below
1965 Riviera black vinyl – radio only surround (includes AC and
non-AC ) factory stock. R323 2 lbs. *see disclaimers below
1965 Riviera small wood veneer door panels, wood console and
includes black vinyl AC and non-AC radio surround (factory stock).
Standard interior. R324 8 lbs. *see disclaimers below
1965 Riviera long wood veneer door panels, wood console and
black vinyl AC and non-AC radio surround (factory stock). Deluxe
interior. R325 22 lbs. *see disclaimers below
1965 Riviera all black vinyl console & radio surround (includes
AC and non-AC). This is not factory stock – factory were wood.
R326 4 lbs. *see disclaimers below
WOOD VENEER: Each set of wood pieces are cut from the same piece of veneer. Care is taken to mirror match left & right
pieces .Natural wood varies and there may be visible variances in the pieces in each set, although it is kept to a minimum.
Variances in color, grain, texture, and knots (infrequent) are not to be considered defects. This is real wood veneer, cherish the
nature of wood. All pieces are professionally laser cut and finished in a spray booth.
PANEL SIZES: Natural wood veneer will expand & contract due to moisture and temperature. With this in mind, the sizing of
these pieces has been determined to give the best overall fit considering these differences and minor manufacturing variances
in the metal pieces they fit into. Check the fit before gluing and aim to center the pieces. You will need to cut holes in some
pieces and it is suggested you do this from the back side.
1963/64/65 BLACK VINYL: The vinyl is very close to original in grain but does vary slightly, we suggest you replace all pieces
at the same time.
PIN STRIPE: Some years had black pin stripes from the factory – none of these kits have stripes.
INSTALLATION: Preparation is critical for a perfect installation – every bit of old wood or glue MUST be removed and cleaned.
It is also suggested that any metal be fine sanded or scuffed for better adhesion. Full instructions included.
This is an excellent hi-temp contact glue that we've used for over 30 years. You apply a medium/light coat by brush to each side and allow at least
20 minutes to set up. Comes with complete instructions for wood veneer and vinyl application. Glue should be used within 6 months of receipt.
CANNOT SHIP VIA AIR. 1/2 pint should be enough for consoles but larger sets may need 1 pint.
1/2 pint C7033R 1 lb.
1 pint C7031R 1 lb. 8 oz.
For colored photos of wood kits,
enter part # on website: corvair.com
All R items on
this page qualify
for the interior
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