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Clark Rebuilds

The rebuilding of a torque converter  has always been “black magic”, it is hard to tell

what has been done on the inside. We’ve switched to a company that has been

rebuilding torque converters for nearly 50 years and has all the specialized equipment

to do a top quality job. They sent us these pictures to illustrate the process. 

1. Ring gears are removed and the converter is cut open. 

2. Units are disassembled and cleaned by machine. Some require hand scrubbing to remove built up sludge and varnish. 

3. Critical part like splines, rollers, clutches and bushings are replaced. In some cases the rollers actually rust and stop moving. 

4. The vanes are held in by a metal "tab" that goes through a hole and was peened over at the factory. Each of these tabs is tightened with a hammer and punch and every 5th tab is welded to insure they will not loosen. 

5. The two halves of the converter must be precisely aligned before the robotic welder can join them together. 

6. This jig was made specifically for Corvair converters to perfectly locate the new ring gears. There is a bushing for the converter "nose" to locate the center and the flex plate tabs on the converter have locating holes. 

7. The groove around the edge of the jig centers the ring gear on the converter body and the clamps lock it in place during welding. 

8. Once fully welded, the converter is pressure tested under water to check for any possible leaks. 

9. The final step is balancing the converters to eliminate vibrations and painting them to help prevent rust. 


Generators, Starters and Alternators: As close to factory new as you can get!


We replace armatures, field coils, rotors and stators, along with all bearings, and bushings. These are cleaned in our ultrasonic part washer, blasted, painted and tested.







Turbo carbs are disassembled, and cleaned.  Painted black with all chrome parts masked off.  All gaskets and accelerator pump are replaced.  Carbs are reassembled to our specifications and road tested.



We rebuild these to factory specs.  New bearing, seals, and any other needed parts.  All parts are glass beaded and painted black.  You get the whole unit as shown with the brake backing plate. 


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