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WARNING: Product s on this page can expose you to a chemical, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. **For more information go to w ww.P65Warnings.ca.gov**
Molded vs. "Cut & Sewn" Carpets
We are offering both types of carpets. The molded carpet does fit a little better where it goes over the "center hump" but other than that I
believe our "Cut & Sewn" carpets are better overall.
We've been making our own "Cut & Sewn" carpets for Corvairs for over 45 years & Riviera for 30 years. We are very accurate with cutting
the material to original size and our binding. Both types include the padding glued on. "Cut & Sewn" carpet sets also include enough
matching carpet material for door panels and kick panels at no extra charge. NOTE: Extra material is available for molded carpet sets
by special order only (allow 1-3 weeks). See below to order extra molded carpet yardage for door panels, kick panels and 1965 custom
seats. Carpets can usually be shipped in 1-3 days, (not 2-3 weeks like many companies).
All carpet is "loop" style except for ones indicated as "cut pile". The "80-20" materials are
the most original. All molded carpets are "80-20".
Free Samples
We suggest a free sample before you order. No returns because you didn't like the color. For a free sample, simply add the color code to
the end of SAMCP (example: SAMCP–A). Printed color samples page 17.
Chart of ALL COLORS (except molded) – Order C7070 8 oz.
B Black
BX "80-20" Black
A Cut Pile Black
GN "80-20" Med. Gray
F Medium Red
FX "80-20" Med. Red
EL "80-20" Maroon – Medium
EE Maroon – Dark/Red
G Cut Pile Medium Red
RB "80-20" Bright Red
MZ "80-20" Powder Blue
JJ Light Medium Blue
DK "80-20" Very Dark Blue
BT "80-20" Lt. Blue
(a little darker than MZ)
Q Cut Pile Dark Blue
U Medium Dark Green
KN "80-20" Med. Aqua/Turq.
KK Dark Aqua/Turq.
FL "80-20" Tan Fawn
GF Gray
W Dark Greenish/Tan
ST Medium Saddle
LS "80-20" Lt. Saddle
MS "80-20" Med. Brown/Saddle
R Very Dark Brown
These loops are not AS DENSE as most loop carpets.
1963-65 Riviera Carpets are the same basic pattern.
**NO RETURNS DUE TO COLORS – Please get a FREE sample first!**
"Cut & Sewn" CARPETS for 1963-65 Riviera = R91
22 lbs. (Add COLOR CODE to end of part number)
Mats can be made from "cut & sewn" carpet colors. They are bound,
have velcro on the rear to hold in place & drivers side has a small
black rubber mat. Look great & protect your carpet. SOLD AS A PAIR.
FRONT R244 REAR R245 3 lbs.
Molded CARPET for 1963-65 Riviera 18 lbs.
Color code NOT needed. For FREE color sample, add code to SAMMCP–
Black (BK) R83 Medium Blue (BA) R184
Medium Red (MR) R92 Light Saddle (SL) R93
Light Blue (BC) R94 Golden Saddle (GA) R187
Deep Blue (DP) R225
Extra Materials
Order "2" yards vinyl to do all 4 door panels & "2" yards of carpet.
(Enough for the doors and kickpanels.)
CARPET: "1" = 36" x 40" or "2" = 72" x 40" (ADD COLOR CODE)
Loop C2977 4 lbs./yard
"80-20" C7523 5 lbs./yard
Cut Pile C2978 5 lbs./yard
MOLDED CARPET YARDAGE: Note – This has a plastic backing and is hard to glue to anything. Not a stocked item; special order
(allow 2-3 weeks). NO RETURNS – SEE SAMPLE. "1" = 36" x 72" (ADD COLOR CODE) R186 5 lbs./yard
CARPET PADDING: "1" = 36" x 36" C3801 3 lbs./yard
Molded Carpet
All R items on this page
qualify for the interior
discount, pg. 2
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